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    10 Things to Do While Using a Face Mask

    2 min read

    “I don’t have time to mask!” We hear this all too often, but it’s just not true!  EVERYONE can make time for masking, and everyone should! Why? Because masking can be a game-changer for your skin! Whether your skin is in need of a quick exfoliation, a deep pore cleanse for problem/oily skin, or a treatment for super dry skin, sensitive skin, or to help reduce the appearance of dark spots, there’s a mask to help all.  So, how can you take 10-15 minutes of your day two times a week to use a mask without it being a hassle?  Multi-task and multi-mask, while you do one of the following! 1. Binge on Netflix Before you let the binging commence, pop on a mask and remove when the first episode is over or at your first popcorn break. 2. Catch up on your newsfeed Scrolling through Facebook and Instagram can take a solid 10-15 minutes, if not longer. It's the perfect time to let a mask work it's magic on your skin.  3. Instagram Story / Snap Chat Instagram stories / Snap Chat filters + face masks go hand in hand. 4. Check emails Work emails will feel a little less painful when you know you’re on your way to beautiful skin ;) 5. Meal prep Prepping dinner or a weeks’ worth of lunches? Pop on a mask! 6. Paint your nails Because everyone deserves to do some at-home pampering – painting your nails + masking go hand-in-hand. 7. Do some laundry Whether it’s while loading up the washer and dry, sorting your colors and whites, or folding your clothes, the opportunities to "l+m" (laundry and mask) are endless. 8. Take a shower Pop on a mask before you hop in, wait 10 minutes and rinse away! 9. Unwind in a bath  Relaxing in the tub? Grab a glass of vino, light a candle, apply your face mask and you’re all set. 10. Read a book Get lost in a good book and do your skin a favor by masking at the same time. And if you need help choosing a face mask, read our face mask guide to find the perfect facial mask for your skin's needs.

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