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    Holiday Beauty Gift Guide For Friends & Family

    4 min read

    It’s the season for gift giving, and we are here for it!  This is truly our favorite time of the year. From the holiday decorations to the nostalgic cartoons and movies, we love the feeling of being close to our loved ones and showing them how much they truly mean to us with gifts. But, if you’re like us, you might be having trouble finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list. You know you want to get them something amazing but have no idea where to start. We think that you should consider some skin care gift ideas. Why skin care, you ask? Read on to learn why skin care is a great gift for the holidays and our recommendations for the important people in your life. Why Skincare? Why would anyone want to get skincare as a holiday gift? Like eating right or working out regularly, investing in good skin care is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Isn’t it best to just get your own skin care? Perhaps those you love aren’t using products that are cutting it. Seaweed is known to have proven benefits for all skin types. Introducing your friends/family to skin care based on seaweed may help them find a new line of skincare that works perfectly for their skin. Is skincare considered a luxurious holiday gift? You bet! And aren’t holiday gifts supposed to be luxurious? This is what makes the holidays a great time to introduce them to skincare, whether in the form of a starter kit, an e-gift card to let them make their own choice, or a luxury gift set. The Gift Guide Holiday presents are a fun way to show people how much you care about them, but with so many people to buy gifts for, it can be hard to keep track of who should receive what.  To make it easier for you, we’ve come up with a Holiday Gift Guide. Take a look through our suggestions and see which ones catch your eye. For Your Parents Parents are difficult to shop for, aren’t they? We never know what to get them, what they’d like, or what they wouldn’t take back to the store. They never seem to want anything except for you to be happy; they probably would also wish you’d call them more often too. So what do you do? Option 1: Buy them a spa gift certificate. Let them choose between massages for two or a full spa day. Give them a facial with an allotment to get some skincare products when they are finished with their spa day. Option 2: Pamper mom with a “Forever Young” Spa Gift Basket. Especially if your mom is a beauty connoisseur, she'll love anything that screams “youthful, beautiful skin”. For Your Friends From your casual friends to your besties, there is a skincare-related gift option for everyone. Option 1:  Sheet masks. A sheet mask is basically a spa day for your face located in one really pretty package – all skin types can benefit and who wouldn’t enjoy such a self-love treat? Option 2: For your besties, they deserve something a little extra like gift sets that offer combinations of “the best of the best” skin care products. For Your Co-Workers Who knows what you go through day in and day out better than your cubbie mates? Show them a little appreciation. It will pay off in the long run! Option 1: Give small gift bags of your skin care favorites – For example your favorite, cleanser, moisturizer, or face mask. Option 2: No one knows better than you how much staring at the computer screen in turning them into a zombie.  From soothing eye pads to a full eye care gift set, they will see you in a great light! For a Holiday Hostess or Secret Santa We all have those times when we have to give a gift to mystery X person, whether it’s for the office Secret Santa or going to a party at a friend’s family’s house.   Option 1: For a holiday hostess, Secret Santa recipient, or that co-worker who always lends you a hand, a mimosa candle will spark their mood! Option 2:  An e-gift card for some pampering products.  It’s the gift that everyone loves! For Your Significant Other Is your significant other passionate about beauty? Do you want a gift that allows for quality time with one another? Or maybe you wish your significant other would take better care of their skin? Option 1: If your lover loves beauty, a luxury spa gift set will be the perfect holiday gift that shows you pay attention to what they care about.  Option 2: Want to create spa time at home? Assemble a spa candle, seaweed bath, and bottle of champagne into a gift set. Spa-ah time will definitely win them over!  Option 3: Want your significant other to pay more attention to their skin? Add a starter kit to their stocking this year. For Yourself The holiday season just doesn’t seem festive if you don’t treat yourself, does it? That’s why skincare is such a great gift. You know before you even get your package that it’s exactly what you were hoping to get. That’s why these holiday gift items are great for both your friends and yourself! There, that wasn’t hard, was it?  One click and done, as far as holiday shopping is concerned!

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