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    We’re midway into summer, which means spending time outside barbecuing, going to the beach, hiking and enjoying the summer sun. That means a majority of your day will be outside in the sun. With being outside comes the risk of sunburns and just too much UV exposure. Some of you may say, "A sunburn every now and then isn’t bad for you", but there are some facts you should be aware of. Did you know that just one bad sunburn can cause wrinkles 15-20 years down the line?

    We all love a little UV exposure, but science has proven time and again that overexposure to UV rays prematurely ages us in the form of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, damages the eyes, burns us ("don’t touch my shoulder!") and most dangerously, increases the chances of getting skin cancer. UV radiation causes free radicals to form in our body, which, through cross-linking, causes a number of these ailments, so it is paramount that we do everything we can to minimise our skin’s exposure to these harmful rays.

    July was UV Safety Awareness Month. To ensure that you and your skin have fun in the sun with no regrets, here are 10 tips from our skin care experts! Not all of these are obvious, so we really recommend putting all of these tips into practice so you and your loved ones can spend more worry-free moments on the sand, the pier, the trail and anywhere else you encounter the sun.

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