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    From the New York Times to Vogue, Elle and Allure, Repêchage gets stellar reviews from all the top media.

    US Weekly

    "Skin-firming seaweed extract "dries into a thin, protective film, which smooths out indentations," notes Gisele Bündchen's NYC facialist Ling Chan. "

    May 2014

    Algo Mist® Hydrating Seaweed Facial Spray

    Marie Claire

    “I swear by Repêchage Algo Mist Hydrating Seaweed Facial Spray to set my makeup. I always have a travel size in my bag”

    –– CNBC Hedge Fund Specialist Maneet Ahuja

    May 2014

    Algo Mist® Hydrating Seaweed Facial Spray

    EveryDay with Rachel Ray

    "If you have some extra time, turbocharge the mask with an old beer-chilling trick: Plunge the tube into a large mug of ice cubes and cold water, then dump in a handful of salt. Flash- cooling the contents will make you feel as energized as you look."

    April 2013

    Hydra Refine® One-Minute Clarifying Mask

    Wall Street Journal

    Facial Bar for All!

    "This is the latest trend: businesswomen and businessmen getting facials on their lunch hour...it's not about fluffy slippers and fluffy robes, and a full day at the spa." - Shiri Sarfati as seen in the Wall Street Journal

    March 2013

    Facial Bar Express Treatment

    Cosmopolitan Latina

    After-Sun Set

    "Discoloration can also appear after sun exposure. For that we like Repêchage's Biolight Brightening Mircle Mask, $45, to combat the dreaded mancha moustache."

    Summer 2012

    Biolight Brightening Miracle Mask

    Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

    "...the Biolight Collection helps reduce the appearance of pregnancy mask, uneven skin tone and hypermentation caused by sun damage and acne scars."

    January 2012

    Repêchage Biolight


    Best Sea Salt Product...

    "Repêchage Sea Spa Mineral Bath Salts are harvested from the Mediterranean sea"

    January 2012

    Sea Spa Mineral Bath Salts

    Cosmopolitan UK

    Best for a deep Cleanse...

    "My face looked and felt so clean and soft after this - like there was a veil of moisture left on my skin for the rest of the day"

    January 2012

    Hydra Medic® Sea Mud Perfecting Mask

    Red UK

    "Brightening is one of the biggest trends in skincare at the moment-sales have doubled in the past five years. I've recently discovered Repêchage's Biolight range. The Brightening Miracle Mask ... with Brightening Toner ... is an instant pick-me-up for tired skin."

    January 2012

    Biolight Brightening Miracle Mask


    “She left the spa with this product in tow: Repêchage Rapidex”

    September 2011

    Rapidex® Marine Exfoliator with Phyto-Marine Actives


    "Our favorite picks for your face-to-foot sensitive-skin needs"

    August 2011

    Hydra 4® Tonic Travel Size


    50 Under $50

    "The best blend of tension-quelling ingredients (mandarin, spearmint, and lavender) under one lid."

    May 2011

    Sea Spa Mineral Bath Salts


    “A capful of these salts, infused with grapefruit and mint essential oils, makes for a rejuvenating bath.”

    December 2010

    Sea Spa Mineral Bath Salt


    "Products have come a long way since cold cream. "Now we have peptides that produce more collagen, and molecules that can prevent deep wrinkles," says Lydia Sarfati, a New York City aesthetician and founder of Repêchage."

    April 2010

    London Times

    "The Drying Lotion is not the most glamourous of recommendations, but it is brilliant to have on stand-by for break-outs. You apply it to individual blemishes at night, just as they begin to rear their ugly heads, and they are gone by morning; gone or seriously diminished."

    February 2010

    Hydra Medic® Clear Complexion Drying Lotion


    "Rub it on: rinse it off"

    "Work cleanser onto skin for about 15 seconds--any longer is overkill. Then splash your face with water at least six times to completely rinse, say Lydia Sarfati, a NYC aesthetician and founder of Repêchage."

    February 2010

    Sea Cleanse® Foaming Seaweed Cleanser

    Elle UK


    "Apply a deep-cleansing mask once a fortnight. Hydra Medic Sea Mud Perfecting Mask by Repêchage soothes spots, too."

    July 2009

    Hydra Medic® Sea Mud Perfecting Mask


    "I have to put this on my face at least twice daily or it feels like something's missing" -Felicia Milewicz, Beauty Director

    September 2008

    Vita Cura® Triple Firming Cream


    "The Repêchage Hydra Medic Acne Treatment at spas nationwide. Pore extractions stop future breakouts, and irritation is calmed. At home, try Repêchage Hydra Medic Sea Mud Perfecting Mask."

    June 2008

    Hydra Medic® Sea Mud Perfecting Mask

    US Weekly

    "Hollywood pros share the latest in-office and at-home treatments for getting the flawless, fabulous complexion you've always wanted."

    May 2008

    Hydra Medic® Face Wash Foaming Gel Cleanser


    "The Repechage Four Layer Seaweed Treatment Mask is a favorite at Beauty & Bliss Skin and Laser Center in Brookline, Massachusetts."

    April 2008

    Repêchage Four Layer Seaweed Treatment Mask

    More Magazine

    Most of us don't pay much attention to our necks until, suddenly, we can't see anything else. Six new treatments help firm, brighten and smooth.

    Number One: Repechage Rapidex Marine Exfoliator

    Dec 2006

    Rapidex® Marine Exfoliator with Phyto-Marine Actives

    Lucky Magazine

    Your feet rest on top of hot stones in a basin as warm water pours in. There's an intensive pomegranate scrub before the stone massage; at the end, you get a second round of hot stones and a rubdown with rich shea butter cream....

    Dec 2006


    Sea Spa Body Wash -- "left my skin so baby-soft that I didn't need any moisturizer after my shower."

    June 2006

    Sea Spa Body Wash

    Vogue UK

    "...use this double-ended facial roller to treat the face, neck and décolletage to a massage that will leave skin looking revived. "

    November 2005

    NY Times

    Deborah Turbeville , who is serious about skin care, uses only Repêchage products."I have very delicate skin and I take almost too good care of it", she says.

    October 2005


    "Sustain that dewy glow well beyond summer, keep hydration at your fingertips with Repechage Algo Mist Hydrating Seaweed Facial Spray."

    September 2005

    Algo Mist® Hydrating Seaweed Facial Spray


    "This tea-infused de-stresser is literally a miracle worker on sunburns and irritated skin: One editor's alarming weltlike skateboarding scrape completely disappeared minutes after dabbing it on."

    August 2005

    Hydra Soleil® Deep Relief Tea Gel


    "Slather-em on and you'll have smoother skin in about a month. Try - Repêchage Vita Cura Triple Action Slimming Body Cream."

    March 2005

    Vita Cura® Triple Action Slimming Body Cream


    "Repêchage Perfect Skin Concealer...After a late, late night, my eyes needed help. This de-puffed 'em!"

    January 2005

    Repêchage Perfecting Concealer

    Harpers & Queens UK

    "Using natural ingredients including seaweed, Repêchage's treatment hydrates and balances the skin, leaving it super-clean and looking flawless."

    May 2005

    Repêchage Express Lift Moisture Facial


    "All testers reported having less-visible fine lines after two to four weeks. What worked: Repêchage Vita Cura Triple Firming Cream"

    October 2004

    Vita Cura® Triple Firming Cream

    Red Book

    Tried and Tested: Repêchage Colour Actif Lip Gloss

    December 2003

    Conditioning Lip Gloss

    Marie Claire

    "Tried and tested: Skin suffering from a holiday hangover? Here, new glow getters: Repêchage Eye Rescue Pads — The pads soothed my skin right away…"

    January 2004

    Eye Rescue Pads with Seaweed and Natural Tea Extracts


    "Repêchage Hydra Dew Illuminating Cream Mask
    This actually absorbs into skin- no rinsing or peeling needed. It's made with seaweed and light reflectors, so instead of waking up with a pillow-creased morning face, you're all radiant and smooth."

    January 2004

    Hydra Dew® Illuminating Cream Mask

    About Lydia Sarfati