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    3 Scary Facial Myths | The Truth about Facials

    2 min read

    It’s that time of year when scary stories fill the air, and perhaps there’s nothing more frightening than tales of botched beauty treatments. You may be haunted by stories of bad facial procedures, but like a ghost story, these terrifying tales are probably exaggerations or myths heard from “a friend of a friend”. We’re here to put a stop to the superstitions and dish out the truth to three facial myths. Myth 1: Facials and chemical peels leave your skin red and irritated. Often you hear horror stories of brides going for a facial only to discover the dreadful result – a red face on their wedding day, and not the good blushing-bride kind. Chemical peels are one kind of facial treatment that can leave your skin red for weeks, if, not chosen wisely. However, a gentle chemical peel based on marine actives can be safe enough for at-home use, requires no recovery time and leaves no redness. And chemical peels are just one type of facial treatment option. A good esthetician will analyze your skin and help you find the right facial for your skin type that won't leave you with red, irritated, and skin that's worse for the wear. Myth 2: Facials are painful. Some people say facials are a hair-raising experience, and not from delight, but fright! You can always expect a pleasant, not painful, experience when getting a facial. Estheticians aren’t surrounding you with Zen gardens and blissful music just to give you a startling spa session full of screams - their goal is to provide a relaxing and calming experience!   In fact, the best facials are marked not by a scream, but by a snore. Myth 3: Facials are pointless. We’ve heard some grim myths, but the ghastliest one is that facials are pointless. This grave notion comes from the belief that if immediate results aren't seen after a facial, the treatment is not working. NOT TRUE! Even your first facial can do your skin good. However, it's important to realize that facials are like going to the gym - best results are seen overtime and with regular visits to your esthetician. And if breakouts, redness, or uneven skin tone are your skin issues, facials can help put an end to these common skin concerns. Don’t fall for tricky facial myths! Treat yourself to a sweet facial this season and you’ll soon “Sea the Difference”!

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