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    How to Prevent Contaminating Facial Moisturizers & Eye Creams

    1 min read

      You know how your facial creams like the Repêchage Biolight Brightening Overnight Cream always come with a little spatula inside? I bet 95% of you just throw it away! I want to share with you why this spatula is so important. Number one, your spatula can protect you from the bacteria that can grow inside your jar of cream. If you are using your facial cream every day (like you should) and you are sticking your fingers in it, even if they are clean, you are going to be getting bacteria in your cream. Even if you wash your hands, you have bacteria that grows under you nails, on your fingertips and if you’re constantly putting this bacteria into your jar, by the end of the month you’re going to have lots of micro-organisms growing inside. That is not what you want - that’s why we always include a nice spatula in your cream.   So no fingertips! Scoop some cream and now you can apply it onto your skin, neck and décolleté. You should wash the spatula after you’re done. This way you are going to protect your skin, your cream is going to last longer and it isn’t going to get contaminated. Especially if you are using the cream around the eye area it can tend to be very sensitive, you definitely don’t want those creams to get contaminated.   So next time, use your spatula and wash it in-between!

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