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    The Best Facial & Body Scrubs

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    Spring is right around the corner and before you know it you will be trading up your blouses and boots for tank tops and peep-toes. Don’t let dry skin hold you back!  Get your skin reveal-ready with our favorite facial & body scrubs.   blog-scrubs   Why do we need to exfoliate? While skin exfoliation is a naturally occurring process, most skin types can stand some help.  Our skin naturally sheds every 28 days but with age, this process slows which causes dull, flaky-looking skin. The regular use of exfoliants helps dissolve dead skin cells, stimulate collagen production and build the skin’s elasticity. If your skin is continually exfoliated, it’s forced to create new cells revealing fresh, healthy skin cells.   One thing you might notice with your skin come spring is that it has an abundance of sebum aka oil. The weather is changing, humidity is rising again and you are going to see a difference in your skin. To help control excess oil and shine, the Repêchage Hydra Refine One-Minute Clarifying Mask will do the trick.  This quick, can-be-done-in-the-shower mask helps deep clean, absorb oil without drying and granularly exfoliates the skin with tiny spheres of rice bran wax and gently chemically exfoliate with lactic acid. Plus it is formulated with the added bonus of oil controlling seaweed, astringent lemongrass and lily of the valley to help keep skin clear and blemish free during the change of seasons!   If your skin is still feeling dry and tight post-winter, it is important to make sure that you are maintaining essential moisture when exfoliating. The Repêchage Honey and Almond Scrub is formulated with one of nature’s best humectants – honey! Humectants draw moisture to the skin, so while you are getting great exfoliation with the almond meal, the honey will keep your skin moist, hydrated and glowing. This is perfect for those with combination skin.   Now, your face is glowing but what about your body? We love to rub down with the Repêchage Sea Spa Glow 2-3 times a week. Dead Sea Salts help smooth out rough areas from elephant elbows to cracked heels. These potent salts contain stress-combating Magnesium, known to reduce fluid retention and slow skin aging; Calcium, which is known to prevent water retention and increase circulation; energizing and moisture-balancing Potassium; tension-easing Bromine; and Sodium, which is known to balance lymphatic fluid. Is there anything this body scrub doesn’t do??   Do you use facial or body scrubs? Have you noticed a difference in the feel and look of your skin? Tell us in the comments below!  

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