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    Prom Beauty Tips for Skin, Nails & Hair

    2 min read

    It’s prom season, and that means every teenage girl is primping and prepping for the biggest night of high school! Shiri shares tips and tricks to get prom perfect!     I want to share with you my perfect prom beauty tips for skin, nails and hair to look picture ready! Let’s start with the skin – my number one piece of advice is to stop picking! I know it can be tempting when you see little white heads appear on your face to starting squeezing. You think you are getting rid of it but when you squeeze with dirty fingers, you can cause an infection and turn a small white head into huge ordeal on your face. Also, you can cause scarring which will last long term and it can totally be avoided!   So, instead of picking your face, try the Repêchage Hydra Medic Drying Lotion. This is a great overnight treatment. Just apply to the white head overnight, wake up in the morning and remove with water – we call this the zit-zapper!   Then, incorporate exfoliation with the Repêchage Honey & Almond Scrub – pure honey, oatmeal and almonds makes this exfoliator gentle enough to use it every single day. The way that I would use it, it to use your fingertips with circular motions and really give your self a nice, deep pore cleanse. Focus on your T zone area (your forehead, nose and chin) and you will have glowing skin by the time prom arrives!   My next piece of advice is to stop biting your nails! When there is a pop quiz I know you can get a little stressed and start biting away, but if you want your nails to look manicure perfect you have to resist! Instead, use the Repêchage Essential Oil of Seaweed around the nail bed to help keep your manicures lasting longer and to keep your cuticles moisturized, hydrated and looking healthy.   Last but not least is your hair. This is my one tip that might shock you - I want you all to go back to your natural color! I know you might be rocking some hair trends like the ombre, but 10 years from now when you look back at your pictures you’re not going to want to see various different hair colors. You are going to want to see the best version of yourself. If you have a lot of damage due to styling stress, heat, color, use the wonderful Repêchage Hydra-Amino18 Hair Spa Seaweed Mask. This deep conditioning mask can be used 2-3 times a week for shinier, fuller, bouncier hair. Plus, when the day arrives to style your hair for prom it is going to look healthier and be able to withstand the heat from blow driers, curling irons and flat irons!   I hope you have a great time at prom and you look glowing, natural, healthy and beautiful. Tell us your great prom tips below!

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