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    How To Clear-Up & Prevent Butt Acne

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    Problematic skin doesn’t just affect your face; it could be on a number of different parts of your body including your butt. Shiri shares her advice on how to help solve this issue! Today I’m going to talk about a topic that people are not so comfortable talking about and that is butt acne.

    Unfortunately as spring is here and the summer season is coming about, we are hitting the gym and we are definitely sweating while the sun is out. We could be getting some spots and some acne on our buttocks. I want to share some tips with you of how to correct that. My first tip is when you’re taking your shower you might just be using a soap free body wash for the rest of your body, something that is non-drying, but if you do have some acne or breakouts on your buttocks area I would just recommend using an anti-bacterial, antimicrobial wash  specifically to treat that area. Our Repechage Hydra Medic® Face Wash Foaming Gel Cleanser is perfect. You might already be using this as your daily cleanser. This has salicylic acid in it that really helps target acne deep down and will help clear it up in a matter of days. So start using this on the areas of concern in your shower on a daily basis. Also, you might be hitting the gym more, sweating more, so I recommend wearing breathable underwear that doesn’t absorb moisture, so steer away from the cotton underwear and g-strings while you’re working out. Instead buy a thin lightweight undergarment to wear while you’re working out to make sure that the area is dry and sweat free. Why don’t we dial-up Lydia (Repêchage CEO and Founder and liscensed esthetician) and ask her for advice on what causes butt acne and great ways to prevent it. Hi Mom!   “Sweat alone doesn’t give you bacteria, because sweat is sterile, but when sweat gets mixed with skin that is not sterile, the organisms from staphylococci, cocci, to streptococci, that little skin, is causing pre-acne acne bacteria to take place. It becomes a very eventful situation. My recommendation, when you’re going to the gym, or your biking and sweating, you should take a towel and sit on the towel. You should not sit and sweat directly on the equipment because that’s very bad.” – Lydia Sarfati   Okay, that’s great advice, so keep yourself moisture free! A great way to do that is to take a product like baby powder and you can just put this all over the areas of concern to keep it moisture free and sweat free all day long. You can buy it in your local drug store. So, I hope you enjoyed our tip for great clear skin that doesn’t always have to do with the face; sometimes it has to do with great clear skin all over our body. Have a happy spring and see you next week!   Also don’t forget to leave your comments below and to tweet us @Repechage if you have any questions or great tips yourself!

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