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     Summer is in full swing which means short-shorts and bikinis are in our everyday wardrobe rotation. One issue that always arises for women during this time of year is how to groom the bikini area. Do you shave or wax? How do you keep your skin bump-free and prevent ingrown hairs? Whether you’re shaving or waxing, here are our tips on how to keep this area smooth and hair free!

    1.     Always exfoliate pre and post hair removal.

    Pre-removal: Whether you decide to shave or wax, exfoliation is a must. In fact, it should be part of your normal shower routine. If you’re waxing, make sure to use a gentle exfoliant every other day or try dry brushing before your daily shower. Work the exfoliant in small circular movements, as this will help to “lift” hairs and prevent ingrowns.

    Post waxing: After a day or two post waxing, continue with a regular exfoliation routine. If you suffer from ingrown hairs, try a chemical exfoliator, such as our RapideX Marine Exfoliator every other day for two weeks post-wax. If you are free of ingrowns, our Honey and Almond Scrub is a great option to resurface the skin and keep ingrown hairs at bay.


    2.     Tone and moisturize!

    Like your facial skin, this area is delicate. Post-waxing, a soothing, non-alcohol based astringent with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory herbs, like our Herbal Astringent, will help prevent ingrown hairs. In addition to toning, moisturizing is essential, try our Seaweed Body Cream for this step. By keeping this area hydrated, it limits the dead, dry skin that causes ingrown hairs and keeps it from looking dull.

     3.     Don’t pick!

    It seems very tempting to pick at an ingrown hair below the surface of the skin, but just don’t! This puts you at risk for more than just a scab. When you use your fingernails to dig out an ingrown, you are allowing the bacteria under your nails to enter an open area in the skin, potentially causing infection. Putting hot wax on a compromised area can cause more harm than good! Leave it to your waxing technician to extract ingrown hair.

    4.     Diminish discomfort

    Waxing can be a bit uncomfortable. If you know that you’re prone to discomfort, or are nervous because it is your first waxing experience, take the proper precautions before hitting the waxing table. Make sure you are waxing with a salon that uses quality wax and does not double dip, like our Sea Smooth Artisan Seaweed Wax. It will limit the amount of discomfort felt while delivering a superb results. After choosing the right salon with the right protocol, there is one more precaution you can take to ensure the most comfortable experience: Take a pain reliever such as Tylenol 30 minutes before your service to reduce pain,

    5.     If you must shave…

    As always, make sure you have exfoliated and the area you wish to shave is clean. Soap will strip your skin and make it dry, so cleanse with a pH balancing wash. Always start with a fresh, clean razor and use a gentle shaving cream as a barrier between the razor and skin; this helps prevent razor burn. In addition to this, you can try our Vita Cura® Triple Action Nutrí Oil underneath the shaving cream for extra protection. Never shave on dry skin and be sure to tone and hydrate as soon as you’re done and the area is patted dry.

    6.     Post hair removal care.

    After your wax or shave is complete, make sure you care for the area properly, especially within the next 24-48 hours. Avoid sun and UV exposure and wear loose fitting pants and skirts to allow the area to heal properly. When there is comfort and airflow to your bikini region, the positive effects of the wax will appear sooner.

    So there is everything you need to enjoy a successful waxing or shave this summer! Be sure to follow our tips to keep your bikini line bump free for the rest of the season, and check out our waxing list of do’s and don’ts. Happy hair free summer!

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