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    Deep Cleanse Your Back

    1 min read

    Between natural sweat build up from the weather getting warm, working out, and pore-clogging hair conditioners that rinse down your back – your back is the area that needs a deep cleanse,  just as much as your face. We want to share our tips & tools of how you can do so.

    • The tools:
      • Body buffer or brush with an extender–  It can be hard to really reach your back, but you can visit your local drugstore and find one of these so that you can really hit to those tough to reach spots.
      • Exfoliator – How many of you are actually exfoliating your back regularly? Your back builds up dead skin cells just like the rest of your body. This build up combined with sweat can lead to clogged pores, blackheads, whitehead and pimples!
      • Cleanser – Use a foaming or mousse cleanser with antibacterial and oil controlling ingredients that you may already be using on your face, especially if you have naturally oily skin. This is going to help remove grime and bring sexy back!

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