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    How To Get Rid of Flaky Eyebrows

    1 min read

    In the past few weeks we’ve given you tips on how to reduce dryness on your face, and hands, but this week we want to share our tips on how you can relieve flakiness in another area – your eyebrows.

    When you wash your face, you should be going over your eyebrows as well, and you can even exfoliate this area. One product great to use is our Rapidex. It is conveniently packaged with uni-dose, individual ampules like this.

    Open an ampule from and gently brush over the brows. Especially if you have been neglecting this area on your face, this will help to remove dead skin cell build up. Afterwards, apply a light moisturizer over the area like our Hydra Dew Nourishing Gel Cream. This cream actually works as both a facial cream and daily eye contour cream, making it safe to use around the eye area. This will help to hydrate the skin in that area, and alleviate that unwanted eyebrow dandruff.

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