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    How to Relieve Itchy Winter Hands

    1 min read

    Last week we gave tips for super-dehydrated skin on the face, but one of the areas on the body that you may see are in need of immediate attention are your hands.

    Low humidity outside, high temperatures inside, and washing your hands frequently to avoid catching a cold are all contributing factors to dry hands. As you may see, redness, peeling, or bleeding hands can result, and we know how unpleasant this can feel. That’s why we wanted to stress how important it is to be applying a hand cream multiple times throughout the day! Especially if you’re at work or school where the heat is turned up, you should be applying a moisturizing hand cream.

    We love our Sea Spa Hand Cream to help heel your hands, as it contains natural ingredients including Shea Butter, Laminaria Digitata Seaweed, Lavender, Chamomile and Eucalyptus. It is non-greasy, leaves your hands super nourished and smooth and even helps protect dry hands from premature aging. Remember, hands are one of the tell-tale signs of age – so they should not be neglected! Plus we have it in travel size, so you can have one on you at all times!

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