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    (Photo Cred: www.womanandhome.com)

    40 is the new 30! With bombshells like Jennifer Lopez running around (Can you even believe she’s 45?!) you really have to step up your game! Here are some skin care tips to help you do so!

    1. Go for a creamy cleanser – As you age, sebum production slows down and your skin tends to be dehydrated. Thus, you want to utilize a creamy, moisturizing cleanser over a gel or foaming cleanser, like our Vita Cura® Triple Action Cleansing Cream. Hydrating and nourishing anti-oxidant rich seaweed, rejuvenating Shea Butter, and moisturizing Squalene, are all featured in this cleanser to help make up for the lost moisture.
    2. Prevent age spots – They’re called age spots for a reason! Many of you probably have age spots or “sun spots” as they are commonly called as a result of long term damage from the sun. Make sure you are always wearing a daytime protection cream with zinc oxide, like our Opti-Firm® Lift Cream, before stepping out of the house to help prevent more age spots from forming & your age showing!
    3. Get a rich night cream – You’ve probably been putting it off, but it’s time to start using a night cream to help firm and restore your skin. Ingredients like Ulva Lactuca seaweed found in our Opti-Firm® Renewal Complex helps improve the elasticity in the skin, while Retinyl Palmitat, has many anti-aging benefits – This includes helping to stimulate skin repair, increase collagen production, increase skin thickness and improve elasticity while improving skin tone and texture – all needed to help keep skin youthful!
    4. Pay attention to your neck –We know face is a priority when it comes to caring for your skin, but no matter how wrinkle-free your face is, you won’t convince anyone of your age if you can see wrinkles on your neck! Stop stopping at the chin, and bring your moisturizer down to your neck area.
    5. Remember to unwind – Your friends, family, or work may be keeping you busy and maybe even stressing you out a little. As we age, we need to remember that although we have a lot of responsibilities, it’s important for our health & beauty to unwind from time to time! Light some candles, start a bath, add some of our decadent Vita Cura® Triple Action Foaming Seaweed Bath, and pour yourself a glass of red wine (a good source of anti-oxidants and polyphenols!) Enjoy some relaxation and age less!

    How do you keep your skin looking young? Tell us in the comments below!

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