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    From Summer to Fall – 3 Tips for Your Skin!

    2 min read

    As the seasons begin to change, so do concerns for our skin! With this in mind, we wanted to provide 3 tips to get your skin ready for fall.

    Tip 1 – Use an olive-oil based scrub on your body. Using a scrub is key to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cell build up from the summer sun, but our Sea Spa Glow with olive oil is going to do double duty. It will exfoliate and provide super skin protection as the months get drier.

    Tip 2 – Exfoliate the face. Of course, the face must be exfoliated too. A great mask to use this time of year is our Honey & Almond Scrub. This scrub is not going to dry your skin out, and contains natural exfoliators, including oatmeal and almond meal to purify the skin, remove dead skin cells, and leave your skin super smooth. Plus, you’re doing right by the environment since it contains natural exfoliators, not plastic micro beads!

    Tip 3 – Still use a day time protection cream! Although summer is over, it doesn’t mean to stop protecting your face! Continue using a daily moisturizer like our new and improved Opti-Firm® Lift Cream Daytime Protection Cream. Zinc oxide which will protect your skin against environmental aggressors such as sun, pollution and climate changes, and newly added EcoCert Seaweed, and Propanediol will also work to help reduce the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles! Aloe Vera is also in this cream, making it a great daytime cream for post-summer skin!

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