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    Let’s face it -  no one likes pimples and that’s we like to keep you in the loop on how you can avoid them! We’ve uncovered the truth behind the beauty myth that chocolate makes you break out, but we thought it’d be best to remind you of a few other things that may not initially come to mind when you think of what causes pimples, and provide you with some tips on how you can avoid them!

    Cell Phones – It’s 2014, and we know that we are all glued to our cell phones 24/7 and would probably be lost without them. However, did you ever think of how much bacteria these little gadgets can contain? As seen in The New York Times, certain types of bacteria, such as P. Acnes, can lead to pimples. “The bacterium (P. Acnes) is a major culprit behind acne vulgaris, otherwise known as pimples… It dwells in the hair follicles of every human.” This and the many other types of bacteria that exist can be easily transmitted onto our skin, especially with the way we handle cell phones. Think about it. You put down your cell phone in whatever spot is available (a desk, a table, the seat next to you on the bus or subway) that has probably not been cleaned. Then you pick up that phone and put it directly to your face. Not to mention, unless you are using hand sanitizer at all hours of the day, your fingers are filled with bacteria, and you are touching and texting on your phone which then goes to your face once a call comes in. A suggestion – sanitize your cell phone to keep your face and skin clean.

    Sunscreens – Summer is around the corner. We know you all are smart and will practice safe sun and apply your SPF to protect your skin against UVA & UVB rays! We encourage this entirely, but for the sake of pimples, be selective in which sunscreen you choose and make sure to look at the ingredient list! Whether it be a liquid or spray sunscreen, choose one that does not contain oils, dyes, or perfumes, as these can clog your pores. Look for sunscreens that are based with zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is a mineralized sunscreen that will protect your skin, but is gentle and won’t lead to breakouts.

    Pillowcases – As we’ve mentioned before, sleeping with makeup on is a serious beauty no-no, and one of the reasons why is because makeup can contaminate your pillow and lead to breakouts! Another thing to look out for with pillowcases is the detergents you use to wash them. If you find yourself switching detergents and waking up with breakouts the next morning there could be a correlation. As a tip, choose detergents that are labeled non-comedogenic and do not contain dyes or perfumes. This may be the cause of those unanticipated morning pimples. (P.S. If this does happen, that’s what the Repêchage Hydra Medic® Clear Complexion Drying Lotion is for – to zap those zits away!)

    What other things have you discovered that can cause pimples? Tell us in the comments below!

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