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    How to Fill in Your Eyebrows

    1 min read

    Want to get fuller looking and darker eyebrows? Repêchage Account Executive and licensed Esthetician Jasmina Mazari shares her tip on how to fill in your eyebrows!

    Hi! My name is Jasmina and I am an account executive here at Repêchage! I am also a licensed esthetician. Today, I want to share a beauty tip on how fill in your eyebrows by using our Repêchage Natural Finish Pressed Powder. In my last video, I demonstrated how to contour your cheeks by using this powder. I absolutely love this powder! This is my 2 in 1 to go powder! It is fragrance free and it does not clog your pores. In order to fill in your eye brows, take a flat makeup brush and dab it into the powder. Tap off any excess powder. Starting from the inner brow, in small strokes, outline your eyebrow. Then, just fill it in, and look out for any small bald spots that need to be filled in as well. And there you have it!

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