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    Skin Profile: Sensitive Skin

    2 min read


    This installment of our skin profiles is kind of a touchy subject. We’re talking about sensitive skin! Red, blotchy, easily irritated skin can be unattractive, inconvenient and even uncomfortable.  So what causes sensitive skin? Our skin, the largest organ in the human body, has a remarkable multifunctional capacity to not only maintain our internal environment but to interact with environmental stimuli such as microbes, chemicals and physical factors. However, any of these environmental stimuli may evoke a cutaneous reaction of the skin leading to dermatitis, an inflammation of the skin. Even a spicy meal or a cocktail could trigger your clients with sensitive skin to have a reaction. Not to worry, there are ways to help treat and prevent blotchy outbreaks.


    I know we always say it (and you should always do it!) but cleansing your skin before bed is so important, especially when it comes to sensitive skin. Throughout the day pollutants, free radicals and just grime in general are attacking your skin leading to aggravation. So before bed, use a gentle cleanser to remove all of those potential problem makers. The Hydra 4® Cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin. It helps to remove debris and makeup while soothing skin with its olive leaf, olive oil and seaweed.


    When it comes to exfoliation, you need to be careful. Polishing the skin with manual exfoliators is a no, no. That is why we formulated our Hydra 4® Mask with lactic acid. It helps to provide gentle exfoliation without rubbing or pulling at the skin.   Our super anti-oxidant formula soothes, calms and also helps to prevent blotchiness & excessive dryness.


    Expert Tip: To keep your skin’s cool on the go, pack the Hydra 4® Tonic Travel Size in your purse. If you start to feel flush or just need an extra boost of moisture, simply spritz your face for a calming infusion of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant rich seaweeds. Sweet relief from redness, burning, tightness and blotchiness. And did mention how cute it is?


    Do you have sensitive skin? Tell us in the comments below!

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