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    Back-To-School Skincare Routine

    2 min read

    School is just around the corner and while this is a busy time of year it is still important to make time for yourself, and giving your skin a little extra attention is the perfect way to do that! Shiri Sarfati has your back to school skincare essentials to keep your skin gorgeous the whole school year!



    Hi, I’m Shiri Sarfati and as we are getting ready for the back to school season and you might be rushing to all the stores with a huge list and teachers in the schools are preparing for the kids, it’s important to make sure you make some time for yourself as well. Make sure you put together a little list for yourself to head into the Fall season looking and feeling your best.


    First, I would love to recommend that you go to a local spa and get a wonderful, deep conditioning, rejuvenating facial treatment or body treatment, maybe even do this with your teenager; have a little time together before school starts. It’s a really great time to bond and you will both look and feel your best on the first day of school.


    Then, I would definitely recommend taking home some products from the spa, like our Repêchage travel kits. These are so great because the products come in convenient sizes that you can throw in your kid’s backpack or in your own gym bag to make sure you stay blemish free and looking your best all season long, especially using out Hydra Medic® Travel/Starter Collection. This kit is great for problem skin types and perfect to throw in your school bag or gym bag.


    Next, I would say let’s shoot for the A’s! I know we hear a lot on the market today about BB creams and CC creams, but I say why are we not going for A’s? A’s stand for alpha hydroxy acids and our new Biolight™ Brightening Miracle Mask has wonderful alpha hydroxy acids from our Glyco-Sea Glycolic. It has really gentle glycolic acid that naturally exfoliates the skin, never leaving you red or irritated. This mask is something you can do for ten minutes while you’re watching your favorite show, you can even put it on your teenager and they will get a really nice luminous complexion and look radiant and you’ll feel wonderful yourself.


    So these are my back to school tips and for more ways to carve in a little you time check out my latest article on allParenting.com! I hope that you do take care of yourself during the maddening rush before school starts and if you liked my tip please leave your comments below and please do share with all your friends.




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