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    Exfoliating Acne and Problem Skin

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    Skin always feels fantastic and baby smooth after a great exfoliation, as this process allows the dead and dull skin cells to be removed to reveal a more luminous complexion. But what about those of us that suffer from acne and problematic skin? If you are prone to breakouts then you know how scary it may seem to scrub your skin for fear of irritation, redness and possibly the formation of more pimples! But there is no need to fear! When done correctly, exfoliation is highly beneficial to acne-prone skin, helping to clear your skin to get you closer to the flawless complexion you want!


    Why exfoliate problematic skin? Well there is a very good reason! This simple act can make a huge impact on the overall appearance of acne and breakouts. Someone who suffers from acne is actually producing more dead skin cells than other skin types and not shedding properly, allowing the dead cells to stay on the skin’s surface often leading to clogged pores which can form into blackheads, blemishes and zits. The excess of dead skin cells and buildup is exactly how your problem began!


    The key to exfoliating problem skin is using the right form of exfoliation! If you have breakouts it is not time to run to the spa and purchase a manual exfoliant, which is usually a granular scrub that is applied and massaged on the face. While this form of exfoliation can be fabulous for those with dry and combination skin, this will be too abrasive for someone with acne. It is all about finding a gentler but effective exfoliating aid. Chemical exfoliation is the best method for problematic skin; this entails simply applying a solution to your skin to remove dead skin cells by dissolving the “glue” that binds them to other cells. No scrubbing necessary! Now I know you may hear the word “chemical” and get a bit scared but there is no need to be! There are many forms of chemical exfoliants that are completely safe and very sensitive to the needs of problematic skin and will not be harsh in the least. Using a gentle chemical exfoliant will not only be a simple and painless process but it will also give you amazing results!


    A great exfoliant for problem skin is the Hydra Medic® Beta Hydroxy Serum. This skin clearing solution penetrates pores to help control acne blemishes and help stop breakouts before they start while also exfoliating with Salicylic Acid. You can put this serum on before bed and it will work hard while you rest, gently removing dead skin and helping to keep skin clear of future breakouts. It also utilizes a synergistic tea blend and herbal infusion which helps to calm and soothe the skin so skin irritation doesn’t stand a chance!


    Another fantastic option is the Rapidex® Marine Exfoliator With Phyto-Marine Actives, which is a unidose system of pre-saturated cotton swabs that uses multiple Alpha Hydroxy Acids, including fruit acids, Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid to help rid the skin of dead cells, revealing a younger, clearer and brighter complexion with more even texture and tone. You simply swab the solution onto your skin everyday for two weeks and you’ll be amazed at the difference you’ll see! Check out my video on how to use Rapidex®! In addition to helping diminish problem areas of your skin, this fabulous exfoliant includes wonderful ingredients like grape seed oil, which has been shown to have strong anti-oxidant properties, helping to prevent moisture loss and promote soft, smooth and healthy skin leaving you looking more radiant than ever!


    And after exfoliating remember to apply SPF as your skin will be more vulnerable than usual to the elements. By following these tips for exfoliating your problem skin with these two phenomenal products your skin will be clearer in no time!


    What is your favorite way to exfoliate? Tell us in the comments below!

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