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    Ask an Esthetician: Irish Beauty Secrets from Dublin, Ireland's Louise O' Loughlin

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    As the saying goes, Mom knows best! In the late 1990s Louise O’Loughlin got the push that everyone sometimes needs. Her mother urged her to pursue beauty therapy and skin care, knowing it was right for her. Subsequently, skin care became Louise’s world.  After earning her esthetics license, Louise crossed the big pond to NYC and received her first training with Repêchage CEO and Founder, Lydia Sarfati. According to O’Loughlin, “From that day on my career took a turn.” Heeding Sarfati’s words, "Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life," Louise became passionate about education, and decided to work in the salon and as a Repêchage trainer in Ireland. She became a workaholic, but loved every minute of it because of her love of skin care.  For almost 20 years, O’Loughlin has worked with and trained estheticians all over the globe, and since 2004 has run her own skin care center, Iguazu Beauty Therapy, in Dublin, Ireland. Through her experiences, Louise has seen young girls grow and flourish into amazing estheticians and is very proud to have been part of their educational and career journeys. Louise’s next pursuit will be Oncology Esthetics, something that is personal to her.  Her mother, the woman who helped prompt her career, fought a long battle with cancer and was unable to receive facials – something she adored. After receiving her Oncology Esthetics training, Louise will be able to treat those battling the illness to beauty and skin care treatments. For O’Loughlin, helping and working one on one with others is a privilege. She is forever grateful that she has been able to change people’s live for the better, simply through skin care.  Here, we’ve asked O’Loughlin to reveal her own personal beauty tips and secrets to maintaining her perfect, porcelain complexion. To learn more about Louise and Iguazu Beauty Therapy follow them on Instagram and Facebook What is your personal daily skin care routine? Morning and night I use the entire Biolight Collection. Although I don’t have dark spots, I love the luminous affect the products have on my skin! I also use the One-Minute Exfoliating Mask and Mineral Face Shield. How long have you been using Repêchage and why Repêchage? For 17 years! I was always using the Hydra Blue line to help with my dehydration, but I recently moved to Biolight and love it as well. Sometimes I will mix it up and use Vita Cura to help with visible signs of aging, and I especially love the Vita Cura Renewal Serum. What are the most popular retail products and spa treatments among your clients? Honey and Almond Scrub – It’s a great all around exfoliator, even for sensitive skin and doubles as a mask. C-Serum Seaweed Filtrate – In Ireland EVERYONE has dehydrated skin, so I make sure all of my clients are using C-Serum. Mineral Face Shield – It’s great as a makeup primer and as an environmental shield. Red-Out Collection  – This collection is ideal for clients with sensitive skin, a large concern for clients in Ireland. (The Repêchage Red-Out Collection for Sensitive Skin has shown amazing results for Louise’s clients in Ireland) What are the most common skin concerns you see among clients, and how do you help with these concerns? In addition to dehydration, sensitive skin is a huge skin concern in Ireland.  Many clients come to me with this concern, saying they could not find any products that work for them. I’ve found that both the Hydra 4 and Red-Out Collection for sensitive skin have shown amazing results. (Before/after one Repêchage Red-Out Facial – This was the client’s first treatment.)   What have the results been for clients since using these products/treatments? A client I have had spent thousands of Euros on home care for her sensitive skin condition. She experienced hot flashes, and couldn’t sleep at night because her skin appeared super irritated. I decided to use the Red-Out Facial once a week on her, and she used the Red-Out Collection for home care. Within a year the appearance of redness was greatly diminished. She continues to use Red-Out to help her skin and she’s fallen in love with the products! What do you tell your clients is the MOST important step in their skin care routine and why? There are two! Never go to sleep with your makeup on and always wear sunscreen. For a client who just can’t commit to a full skin care routine, I always recommend that he or she at least _____. Cleanse every night! What are your top 3 skin care tips for clients?  Know your skin. For example, know the difference between dehydrated skin and dry skin. Visit an esthetician and become more educated about skin care. Exfoliate throughout the week. Protect your skin! What are your top 3 health and wellness tips for clients? Get a good night’s sleep. Drink lots of water. Do something every day to de-stress and turn off your brain. Iguazu Beauty Therapy 3 Lower Main St, Rush, Co. Dublin, Ireland iguazubeauty.com  

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