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    Ask an Esthetician: Monica L. Billman's Personal Skin Care Journey and How She Takes on Alaska’s Harsh Climate

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    For 18 years Monica L. Billman has worked as an esthetician, working in premiere day spas in Anchorage, Alaska. Through the inspiration and encouragement of friends and family, Monica decided to open her own skin care business – Encore Esthetics. Monica is committed to helping her clients achieve health skin as they battle the extreme climate conditions of Alaska.  “For Alaska’s extreme climate, nothing works at soothing, hydrating, and making skin healthy like Repêchage. As an esthetician, I can confidently recommend Repêchage and know they will not be disappointed.” Learn about Monica’s personal skin care journey and what has helped her clients' skin. To learn more about Monica L. Billman and Encore Esthetics & Salon follow them on Facebook How long have you been using Repêchage? I have been using Repêchage for 20 years and it has never let me down! Even Alaska’s number 1 plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Manuel has complemented my skin. Thank you Lydia! Why Repêchage? I had perfect skin through my teenage years, and then the stress of losing my mother at 21 caused my skin to freak out. I was using prescription Retin A, antibiotics, and skincare that dried out my sensitive skin. I found myself with Grade 5 acne and on Accutane. While in my 20s and dealing with problem skin, I discovered Repêchage. At 24, I experienced my first Repêchage Four-Layer Facial and fell in love! This was the first time my skin felt like skin. It felt nurtured and calm, no longer sensitive and like cardboard.  From that moment on, I got rid of prescriptions. I started to use the Hydra Medic Collection for Problem Skin which helped reduce the appearance of my problem skin with its delicate moisture balance. What is your personal daily skin care routine? From beating problem skin, pigmentation, to now fighting the signs of aging, the results with Repêchage continue to amaze me. I’m a 44 year old woman, so my skin care routine is a little complex, but it works! This is what I do to keep my skin firm and wrinkle free: Every day I wash my face with Vita Cura Triple Action Cleansing Cream. Twice a week, during Alaska’s 9 months of winter, I exfoliate with Honey and Almond Scrub. During our 3 months of summer, I will use the One-Minute Exfoliating Mask. Once I get out of the shower, I tone with Vita Cura Renewal Toner, apply Vita Cura Renewal Serum, and use Biolight Frost Bright Eye Contour Gel to help with my allergy-stressed eyes. I also use Vita Cura Triple Firming Cream and Vita Cura Opti-Lift Serum to help reduce the visible signs of aging. Why do you use these products? After using the Hydra Medic Collection for Problem Skin  I started using the Biolight Collection. As an Italian woman, hyperpigmentation was a huge concern after acne scars. Now that I’m 44 years old, aging, firming and tightness are huge concerns, which is why I use the Vita Cura Collection to help reduce visible signs of aging. What are the most popular products and treatments among your clients? PRODUCTS: Aging and skin that appears red are the most common skin concerns I see with clients in Alaska. To help reduce the visible signs of aging, Vita Cura Renewal Serum and Vita Cura Triple Firming Cream are most popular amongst clients. To help reduce the appearance of redness and for those with sensitive skin, Red-Out Serum has really helped clients. TREATMENTS: The Vita Cura 5 Phase Firming Facial for mature skin and the Red-Out Facial! For my younger clients in their 20s, our Hydra Medic Facial and Hydra Medic Collection has been amazing in this extremely dry climate. What have the results been for clients since using these products/treatments? I have used Vita Cura 5 Phase Firming Facial on a weekly basis for 5 weeks to help turn back the clock. Hydra Medic Facial and at-home products have produced incredible results for clients with problem skin, as well as Red-Out Facial. (This client received the Hydra Medic Facial and used the Hydra Medic Collection with skin resurfacing.) (This client had incredibly sensitive skin. Monica used the Hydra Medic Facial with the Hydra Medic Collection and he saw skin that appeared clearer in about 6 weeks.) (The Red-Out Facial and use of at-home products helped calm the appearance of this client’s sensitive skin.) What do you tell your clients is the MOST important step in their skin care routine and why? I believe that using a serum is the most important part of your daily skincare regime because results you can achieve with Repêchage. Allowing the serum to penetrate allows the moisturizer to perform better than it could on its own. For clients who just can’t commit to a full skin care routine, I always recommend they at least _____. To a client that can’t commit to a full skincare routine, I always recommend they at least try using a SERUM! Once you try a Repêchage serum, you fall in love with the entire line! I often relate Repêchage serums to BMW Performance; other lines are ok, but if you want performance - choose Repêchage! What are your top 3 skin care tips for clients?  1. Exfoliate. With Repêchage, it is safe enough to do 2-3 times a week. 2. Use a serum. I believe this is the most important part for correction and anti-aging. 3. Moisturize and mask. We must maintain our moisture barrier. With different life stressors, we must have a good line of defense. What are your top 3 health and wellness tips for clients? Diet, exercise, and taking time for yourself!   Encore Esthetics & Salon 4050 Lake Otis Pkwy #100a Anchorage, AK 99508 Encoreesthetics.com

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