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    We’ve all had those moments where we should have known better and make a glaring oversight. Sometimes you go on a road trip without toll money, sometimes you leave the coffee pot on while you’re out all day (or all weekend). Other times it’s innocuous little items that interrupt your daily routine but have damaging effects that build up over time, like popping your pimples or sleeping in makeup. In this week’s Beauty SEAcrets blog we address fast fixes for these common skin care mistakes.


    The Prob: You’re picking your own pimples.
    Why’s That Bad?: You are not a professional esthetician! And even if you are one, you will never get the appropriate angles to fully extract everything inside of a pimple ensuring it won’t come back!
    The Fix: Next time, see a professional. In the meantime, apply a serum rich in beta hydroxy acid to even the appearance of skin and use a drying lotion in the evening.


    The Prob: You’re eating too many salty foods.
    Why’s That Bad?: Besides the fact that sodium intake for most people is way too high to begin with, an excess amount of sodium causes the body to retain water, which causes “puffy-face”.
    The Fix: Drink your daily recommended amount of water! Though you hear this advice all the time from skin care experts, it’s because it really works. Your body is over 60% water so imagine how much you actually need every day, then look at the tiny half-empty water bottle you’re drinking from. It’s probably not enough! Also, to reduce the appearance of puffiness in those eyes in a hurry, use a soft cotton pad containing tea leaf extracts placed across the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes.


    The Prob: You forgot to use a serum/moisturiser before makeup.
    Why’s That Bad?: You’re sealing your skin off all day from moisture when you apply makeup, so getting the necessary hydration before you cover up is essential.
    The Fix: Use a lightweight misting spray loaded with nutrients whenever you’re feeling dry so you don’t disturb your makeup but still stay hydrated.

    The Prob: You slept in your makeup.
    Why’s That Bad?: All the grime and dirt that has managed to make its way onto your face is still there, stuck, and now it has an environment of oil and bacteria to grow in.
    The Fix: Cleanse, cleanse & deep pore cleanse with a mask! Use a mask with ingredients such as kaolin, clay or ichthammol that draw out the dirt from the skin.

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