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    How to Fit a Beauty Routine into Your Busy Life

    2 min read

    Now that summer is officially over life sure is speeding up! Here are some tips on how to keep your beauty game strong even if time isn’t in your favor. Wash your face in the shower. Don’t have time for your usual facial cleansing ritual? Don’t let your busy life prevent you from missing out on this important step in your skin care routine! If rushing in the morning or late-night laziness is preventing you from washing your face – make it a habit to leave your face wash in the shower. Washing your face is essential for clean, clear and healthy skin and must always be step #1 in your routine.  Learn how to “multi-mask." No time to mask? Not true! There are plenty of things to do while you mask. Right before you take a shower, while you’re doing laundry, cooking dinner, or packing lunch for work the next day, pop on a mask! There’s nothing like a deep pore cleansing mask to help remove grime, an exfoliating mask to help get rid of dead skin cells or a brightening sheet mask to help target the appearance of any dark spots from the summer sun. Ask anyone you know who uses a face mask throughout the week---masking really makes a difference! Opt for waxing over shaving. Now that it’s boot season, we may be trying to save time by skipping hair removal, which can make it a long chore when we finally get to it!  Besides the fact that shaving in general is annoying and irritating, it is also time consuming.   The trip to the spa for a wax appointment will save you more time in the end and you won’t have to worry about remembering to shave all the time.  And on those days you do have a little more time to spare, you can upgrade yourself to the best wax treatment ever (featured on Extra TV!), for a little extra pampering.   Get an express facial treatment. If you are a busy-bee it’s likely that during the week, or even on the weekends, you may not have time to spend a full day at the spa. That doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself altogether. Everyone, male or female, deserves to experience a facial treatment.  And thankfully, most spas these days understand that we live in a fast-paced society, and offer quick services. Find a spa near you that offers express facial treatments (30 minutes or less) so you can still experience a facial. As we all know, facials are important for your skin, so don’t miss out!

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