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    How to Get a Natural Makeup Look: 5 Easy Makeup Tips Everyone Should Follow

    2 min read

    How to get a natural glow? By creating a natural makeup look! Your makeup skills don’t need to be on par with a professional makeup artist to do this. We’re sharing our five easy, fool-proof makeup tips that everyone can perform to achieve gorgeous, glowing skin. 1. Prep your skin. Exfoliation: What you do BEFORE and AFTER applying makeup is as important as your technique! If your skin is dry or flaky, exfoliate before applying makeup to remove dead skin cell build up and get an even finish. Hydration: Makeup artists love to use hydrating sheet masks to restore moisture and a hydrating facial spray both before/ after application to create that dewy, natural glow. This will also help set your makeup. Prime: You can shield skin from the elements and create a soft, even finish by applying a multi-purpose makeup primer before application. 2. Match the color of your neck. When it comes to picking a foundation, you should match the color of your neck, not your face! If you’re in between seasons, you can also blend foundations to find the right shade for your skin tone. 3. Always set your foundation. Use a powder to set your foundation. A Translucent Mineral Powder is suitable for all skin shades, is lightweight and will help set your foundation for an natural finish. 4. Use mineral-based makeup. A natural makeup look requires, at the minimum, a foundation, powder, and concealer. To prevent a look that is too mate or dewy, oil-free, seaweed-based mineral makeup is suitable for all skin type and let’s your natural skin show through. This will help you find the right balance for that natural glow. 5. Use the right application technique. How to apply concealer: Apply your concealer lightly under the eyes, on the inside of upper eyelids, downward on the nasolabial folds and dab lightly over small imperfections. How to apply foundation: To apply foundation, do light patting motions with a foundation brush or sponge from the center of your face outwards for an even application. Do NOT swipe up and down.  How to apply powder: When applying setting powder you can either utilize a flat top brush, which is great for packing the powder onto the skin and making the foundation last longer, or using a fluffy brush to lightly apply the powder for an effortless like finish. If using a flat top brush pat onto the face. If using a fluffy brush, dust onto your face using a light hand.   Remember, finish your look with a light mist of moisturizing spray to soften the look and help prevent powder from caking in fine lines.   Have more makeup tips you want to share with us all? Comment below!

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