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    There’s nothing worse than the rude awakening of an alarm sounding too early. Well, let’s be fair -- the alarm didn’t sound too early, you just went to bed too late.

    It’s at a time like this many of us let out a loud groan and resent the fact that we stayed up to finish that Netflix marathon or stayed out too late. Now because of last night’s entertainment, your skin is going to suffer the whole day from dullness, puffiness, dark circles and more!

    Not so fast though, we’ve got some solutions. Consider us like a snooze button for your skin.

    Eyes and Shine

    You aren’t part raccoon, so why the dark circles around your eyes? Because eyes are the first place to show the signs of sleep deprivation, and it’s not pretty.

    Keep tea and cucumber infused eye pads in your fridge that you can grab and lay back in bed with for 5 minutes before getting up and at it. The cooling sensation from these wet pads works great against the appearance of puffiness, and the combination of both seaweed and tea extracts can help diminish the appearance of dark circles. Your eyes will be beaming with a healthy glow before you know it!


    Nothing wakes someone like a splash of cold water, though you may not want that first thing in the morning. There’s a better way to awaken your senses though, by using a light misting spray.

    A misting spray will not only deliver that cool pick-me-up you get from a splash of water, it will help keep you hydrated! A splash of water will just dry you out, but a mist of hydrating seaweed extract and other beneficial ingredients can help to hydrate your skin.

    Wake up and smell the coffee

    A time-tested solution to feeling awake when you haven’t gotten enough sleep is coffee. It works great on the inside of your body, putting a pep in your step as the caffeine works its magic, but you can’t drip coffee around your eyes which show all the signs of being tired. Well, you could but it would be very messy, and hot.

    That’s why there an eye gel with caffeine, which is designed to sit on the eye area and give your eyes a refreshed look. Simply apply this gel around the eye area and watch the appearance of puffiness diminish.

    Face Value

    Your eyes aren’t the only thing that will give away your lack of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can lead to dry skin. To reintroduce hydration into your tired, dry skin, try using the best serum and best moisturizercombination available to you.

    A serum is loaded with beneficial ingredients and a moisturizer to seal it in will act as an all-day soft skin solution. Follow up cleansing and toning with this step to fool your co-workers into thinking you’ve slept for the past 10 hours!

    Hide and Fleek

    So you’ve done all the steps but still have some dark circles around your eye area, bringing down the vibe of your perfectly done brows and lashes

    Here's a solution: find the best concealer for dark circles. Apply a small amount of concealer on your lids and in the corner of your eyes to diminish the appearance of dark circles. We’ve got you covered!

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