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    Your Skin Care Cheat Sheet: Back to School Skin Care Essentials

    3 min read

    The summer is winding down, the daylight is getting shorter, so you know what that means: it’s back to school time again. Yes, sunbathing is giving way to study hall, and maintaining a good grade point average should be top of mind for everyone. However, we’d venture to guess that making a positive first impression is up there too.  Making a good first impression doesn’t start with an expensive bag or designer shoes – it starts with skin care. And when it comes to good skin, anyone can have it. In this week’s blog we’re giving you a skin care cheat sheet so your skin is ready. Let personality shine through, not skin. Making a beaming impression on the first day shouldn’t involve oily skin. Get skin back to matte with a shine control serum that decreases the appearance of oiliness using natural ingredients like Seaweed, Witch Hazel and Cucumber. They can help reintroduce moisture into the skin, because oiliness is really just the skin’s way of sealing in the hydration. Don’t crack under pressure. Skipping on the scrubs and masks may seem like an intuitive way to preserve summer glow, but it’s a common skin care misconception – masking won’t fade your tan. Instead, masking and exfoliating is just what your skin needs if the summer sun has left it dry, parched and worse for the wear. Masks and exfoliators can help get rid of dead skin cell build up that your skin is facing, leaving your skin hydrated and less at risk for breakouts – the key is to find the best face mask for your skin type. And if you really want to make a solid impression, then find a spa near you for a professional facial treatment. Let skin care do the all-nighter. Staying up all night seems to be an essential part of school, but don’t make it a habit! First, the chances of sleeping without cleansing increase significantly, and that is a big skincare sin. Second, the body goes through essential processes at night, and without adequate sleep it WILL take a toll on the skin’s elasticity over time. Third, it can make you look part raccoon! Instead, let your skin care do all the work at night. Take care of the oiliness and problem areas with a overnight drying lotion, or banish dry-face away with an overnight moisturizing cream. If it’s too late and the deed is done, at least throw on eye rescue pads soaked in a Green Tea, Cucumber, and Seaweed blend on the eyes to help de-puff your peepers. Glow back to school. Anyone who’s been smart and used a good sunscreen throughout the summer won’t have a problem getting the glow! To give pale skin a pop, consider a touch of foundation or pressed powder that can give lackluster skin a hint of color. Look for mineral based makeup that delivers a silky smooth finish.  Also, be on the lookout for other beneficial ingredients like Seaweed which is known to provide added hydration.  There’s no excuse for anyone going back to campus rocking a Cousin It haircut for fear of their skin! A daily beauty routine, regularly scheduled spa visits and a few Beauty SEAcrets are all anyone needs to graduate at the top of their skin care class!

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