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    The Perfect Pre-Shave Prep

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    Guest Beauty Expert, Caleb McGrew of Spa e on South Beach, shares his male grooming tip on how to get the perfect pre-shave. We were at The International Congress of Esthetics & Spa in Miami Beach and Caleb shared this tip straight from our Repechage booth.   Hi I’m Caleb McGrew from Spa e Miami Beach and I am going to show you my shaving tip using the Repêchage Honey & Almond Scrub. Guys, we know you don’t like a lot of steps! I recommend applying this at home before you get in the shower. Maybe even while you are brushing your teeth so that it can stay on as a mask it’s very hydrating for the skin. Just wet your fingertips a little and apply to your face. Focus on applying it to areas where you are going to be shaving so that it helps to soften the skin and prep it for shaving and also around the areas where you are noticing blackheads around the nose and the cheeks to help exfoliate those areas.   Now, when you step into the shower massage the mask in circular movements, this exfoliation is going to help prevent razor burn and in-grown hairs. This can be a little messy, this is why I recommend doing it in the shower – you can just rinse it away clean. Then, shave immediately after getting out of the shower when the skin is still soft and supple and you will have a perfectly close shave!   Have questions? Ask us in the comments below!

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