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    Scrolling through your Instagram feed, checking your email, or seeing if your friend replied back to your urgent text may all seem harmless, but these habits can actually be taking a toll on your skin, particularly in your neck area. What the beauty world is referring to as “tech neck” can be a result of our device driven lives.

    “Very often we forget to take care of the neck area, but this area can show signs of aging. It is important to use anti-wrinkle creams twice a day, and protect the area with mineral protection. Look for Repechage’s newest mineral ’shield’ coming this May,” says our CEO/Founder, Lydia Sarfati.

    We’ve always stressed the importance of taking care of the skin all over your body, not just your face, but this is another reminder of how important it is to bring your beauty products below your chin!  Even if you’re in your 20’s and wrinkles seem like they are in your distant future, if you’re a smart phone user it’s best to get ahead of the game with these products that target wrinkles and lines:  

    Repêchage Vita Cura Triple Firming Cream


    VC_TRIPLE CREAM 1.7oz_edit


    This superior moisturizing cream utilizes our unique patented triple firming action to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin elasticity and firmness.

    Based on …

    1. Wrinkle-fighting Biomimetic Messenger Pentapeptide **Studies showed superior improvement on all wrinkle measurements when compared to Vitamin C in a greater concentration
    2. Firming Marine Biopeptides from the Seaweed Ulva Lactua **In vivo clinical studies showed 23% decrease in deep wrinkles after 28 days.
    3. Plumping Red Clover Extract – Red Clover, rich in plant hormones, mimics a phytoestrogen hormone that stimulates skin thickness for the appearance of younger, plumper looking skin.

    ** In vivo clinical studies showed that Red Clover Isoflavons have the potential of reducing wrinkles by 37% in density and 20% in depth


    Repêchage Vita Cura Opti-Lift Serum



    Do you have a habit of squinting while you’re looking at your smartphone or using your tablet in the middle of the night? This serum utilizes a three-dimensional biopolymer from Pure Almond Protein that creates a net-like structure to instantly “lift” out the appearance of lines and wrinkles for immediate and dramatic results!

    Remember, even if your face is wrinkle-free, you won’t be fooling anyone if your neck isn’t in good shape as well. Our advice, incorporate products that target lines and wrinkles as part of your daily regimen and put the phone down once in a while!

    Are you starting to see signs of “tech neck?” Tell us in the comments below!

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